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Beelzaboss posted Feb 4, 17

Hi Miners,

After a long struggle and testing... and bit of that here and there, We finally think the modpack is in a playable state. To play on this new 1.10.2 modpack, you will need to update your launcher to the latest version (Found Here).

The modpack is currently in TESTING  phase as it is the first live version with actual players, so there is the chance of something exploding. Please bear with us during this phase as we smash and fix all the bugs.

Some files fail to download during the download phase, We're working on this... Resolved.
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BeelzabossHi guys, As you all may have figured by now... I am not as active usual and don't have time always to be constantly online. I was thinking of instead closing the current modpack and using a precreated modpack, Project Ozone 2 as a replacement? What do you guys think?
PestControl_ZA   Hi Beelz, whatever you think best... We know you've got a life as well hehe. I quite enjoy the current pack, but there are some issues, so a "more stable" pack will probably make your life easier at the very least.
Poenjabiesous   Whatever the pack Beelz, thanks for the effort you are putting in to keep this community alive for so many years now.
Krippelkobra   Could work, just dont make it linear cause every time there is a "hard" pack people complain and whine. I.E no kappa, Titan mode maybe.
Shkankbeelz i summoned the guardian of spirits from roots but when i try to kill it it doesnt take damage and it despawns how am i suppose to get a other world essence please let me know as i tried killing it 8 times and keeps desapawning
Beelzaboss   Did you try fire or poison damage?
Shkank   i watched tutorials and ive used the same weapons they used on it it took no dammage at all my spword does fire damage so yea it did nothing
Shkank   can you please fix or make a temporary recipe for the elven gateway core that doesnt need the oherworld essence or other world block as i dont get much time to play during the week and when i play i cant progress
bradlll   registered to Mega Networks
Kreutzi1997beelz to make the molecular transformer you need to make ic2 neutron reflector as i was crafting i noticed that it didnt give me the ic2 version of the neutron reflector it gave me the tech reborn one and they dont have the same ore dic so i cant continue with the crafting :d

~Plz fix :d
Beelzaboss   From what mod is the Molecular Transformer?
Kreutzi1997   ic2 ......
bradlllBeelzaboss i cant logi inn with my account .. i died in the end and the server wont let me login... i treid every thing i can
Beelzaboss   What is the message you're getting?
bradlll   it says "Internal Exception: An existing connection was forcibly closed by remote host"
bradlll   but i can login with a other account
BeelzabossHi guys, I was at work... I was at work ;(
Krippelkobra   No worries, but do you have any idea whats causing the problem?
bradlll   help me plz
bradlll   beelz
FishmeistercodBeing an adult sucks. I:
Kreutzi1997   well it depends on your actions and on what you believe in you can do whatever the f you want if you just think
Fishmeistercod   It's more the lack of action that sucks. I'm too busy to spend all day playing Minecraft :<
Kreutzi1997beelz :d the growing standing stone recipe is still broken .... still gives accelerating standing stone >:d
Beelzaboss   Did you use the new recipe?
Kreutzi1997   i did it using the recipe gevin in the book i see no changes other than the attuned standing stone is changed nothing else
Kreutzi1997   its roots altar recipe make it normal crafting recipe ?? till we get an update that fixes the issue ?
Kreutzi1997So we getting casual heavily modded server soon ? :d
Poenjabiesous   That's the idea :). Its a grind with realistically spaced gratification. I'd much rather have a pack that can be played for months at a time, than one I can finish in a week or two.
Poenjabiesous   But like I said, its just my opinion on the matter, I understand that not everyone (if anyone) will agree with me on that.
The_EndlessFrost   I actually stopped playing this server to play PO2 kappa mode, would love to play with a bunch of people but cant find a cracked server
Kreutzi1997beelz the server is unplayable the lag is unreal and we get disconnected so much plz look into this
Beelzaboss   Should be fixed now :d
Kreutzi1997   thnx beelz and lol pest
PestControl_ZA   Much better, thanks Beelz!
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